Water chamber 2 of HPP Zakučac is located on 281,5 m.a.s.l.. Access to water chamber 2 is through 293 m long tunnel and valve chamber on 230 m.a.s.l. elevation. Water chamber 2 is accessible from valve chamber through inclined tunnel with inclination of 50° and 200 m length. In water chamber are installed HPU, hydraulic cylinders and piping for manipulation of 2 wheel gates with dimensions 3.000×4.000 mm, in weight of 18.600 kg each at hydrostatic pressure of 5,8 bar (59 m.w.c.). Water is then transferred through two intake tunnels to valve chamber, where it splits into 4 pressure penstocks.

Water chamber ensures:

  • normal operation of all 4 aggregates at the same time with the possibility of stopping operation in emergency cases;
  • closing and emptying one intake tunnel for the purpose of repair or rehabilitation while the other intake tunnel is operating normally.

Investitor: HEP-Proizvodnja d.o.o., Pogon HE Zakučac, Zakučac 28, 21310 Omiš, Hrvaška

Main COntractor: Konsortium UN-TRA, LA&CO, TELEM and Iskra Impuls

Co-contractor: Iskra Impuls d.o.o., Slovenija

Supervisor: HEP-Proizvodnja d.o.o.

Field of work: Hydromechanical equipment

Year of production: 2020

Scope of performed works:

  • dismantling of existing equipment,
  • preparation, manufacture and installation of transport aids and equipment,
  • transport of equipment through tunnels,
  • installation of new equipment,
  • commissioning.