Knowledge and experience enable us to get involved in the early stages of projects as advisors or provide solution ideas. By shifting critical decisions to initial stages, we can start preparing for a project with well thought out solutions. Our consulting services are not limited to the beginnings of projects but also appears in later stages as overseeing the entire project.


Our projects typically integrate technical knowledge of software, mechanical and electrical engineering with the arts of economics and organization. Constant dialogue amongst everyone involved and exchanging ideas and solutions are vital for keeping multidisciplinary projects under control. Comprehensive project managing, archived with mutual trust and respect, holds everyone responsible for their part of work, and keeps risks manageable.


Planning intertwines the design of hardware, design of electrical equipment, and software development. Integral planning demands extreme professionalism, excellent qualification, and efficient collaboration.
Our knowledge and experiences ensure solid foundation for new designs. Our design activities are focused on ensuring the suitability and optimal functionality of the equipment following international standards, long-term experience, and good practice. Mainly, our design solutions are based on European standards. We can also perform design in compliance with other non-EU regulations.
Modelling techniques make the design fast and accurate and, even more importantly, we can avoid placement errors in civil engineering structures and ensure the best fit in-place properties of final systems.
Analytical designs are supported by FEM analysis to optimize weight and maximize functionality, durability, and stability of the equipment.
In unusual cases and where needed, we also perform CFD analysis to simulate real conditions and loads on new equipment and analyze existing equipment’s operating conditions during reconstructions.


To perform our services’ best performance in the homeland and abroad, we often use local production capacities as our subcontractors. Subcontractors are carefully selected and continuously evaluated with a simple goal to ensure adequate quality and precise timing. In this way, we achieve the same response times of equipment production, both at home and abroad. Our products incorporate attachment parts and purchased equipment components from reputable manufacturers from our own approved suppliers’ list. The equipment’s electrification and automation result from our own knowledge and are tailored to the customer’s requirements in its entirety.


All erection activities are based on our knowledge and personnel, ensuring high quality and timely execution. We have a wide range of experts available for fieldwork. Due to the lean organizational structure and own resources, we can offer short response times for even the most challenging site activities.


In house software solutions for machine and process control are continually adapted to take advantage of new hardware developments. Professionals working in this field are invariably educating, and besides, their knowledge is enriched by the team’s experience. Despite most of our projects being based on Siemens controllers (S7-151x, PSC7), we have the background and expertise to work on other systems (Honeywell, Eaton, Schneider). Material tracking systems are built and developed entirely in house.


Commissioning engineers are the ones who integrate every bit of work and information put into the design process and breathe life into these machines. Their knowledge is precious, and their input of experience in the early stages of advisory and design of new products is vital for continuous development. The commissioning is executed from start to finish by our own work force. We also offer commissioning as an independent service.


With optional service or remote support contracts for our customers, we increase the operation’s reliability and reduce the time to detect and resolve potential issues.


We are very proud to refurbish existing hydro-mechanical equipment almost from all reputable manufacturers. Mostly we are very familiar with equipment produced by former company Metalna, Maribor, Slovenia. Refurbishment activities include reconstruction of the equipment’s steel structures, replacement of slide guides, running wheels, sealing frames, replacement or refurbishment of corrosion protection, installation of new attachments, and many more.
We can completely replace the lifting mechanisms of existing equipment with new, more efficient ones, regardless of the type of drives.
We can perform fully automated equipment operation. We can provide monitoring of equipment performance by tracking all significant quantities and data during equipment operation.