Our fully automated cranes, carts, and transporters move loads from 20kg up to 10t into high-bay warehouses and out of them. The range of products includes storage retrieval machines for boxes, plates, standard pallets, or larger cargo. They can carry one or more transport units and cover one or more aisles. All of them are energy efficient and adjusted to fit their specific environment. In-house software solutions enable us to adapt to existing IT systems.

• Fully automated cranes for high-bay warehouses that can transport loads up to 10 tonnes to heights up to 38 m.
• Controlling cargo of various sizes up to aircraft-grade containers
• Transporter carts, vertical and horizontal transporters
• Automatization on the controller level and material tracking system
• Simulation of operations that enables faster on-site commissioning and integration with the warehouse’s IT system

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We are a manufacturer of hydromechanical equipment focused on complete solutions in hydroelectric power plants and irrigation systems. In our scope of works, we offer turnkey projects from conceptual design to commissioning. We specialize in small to medium-sized facilities with our lean organizational structure; we provide quick and quality responsiveness. Our products are always quality and strictly purpose-built solutions that ensure optimal and long-term operation of the equipment.

Also, we specialize in the refurbishment of existing equipment and facilities. We perform reconstructions of all hydro-mechanical equipment, changing modes of lifting actuators and types, implementing automation, and monitoring water-work systems.

• Equipment for small and medium hydroelectric plants: locks and weirs, dam equipment, gates, trash racks, steel linings, penstocks & more.
• Equipment for irrigation systems: gates, trash racks, lifting equipment, penstocks & piping with a particular focus on fully automated operation.
• Refurbishments and renewal of hydro-mechanical equipment.

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We use the automatization related knowledge form other fields of expertise to power up the process automatization projects in different industries. We offer solutions for various processes, including dozing, combustion regulation, and steam production regulation.

• Efficient and comprehensible process managing of controllers (Siemens S7-151x, TIA portal) or DCS systems (Honeywell, Siemens PCS 7).
• Software development based on function specifications (FUP) or only a description of a technological process’s workings.
• Expertise in specific technological processes.

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Siemens Solution Partner for Cranes certificate enables us to be familiar with the most recent technology for cranes. In addition to more complex overhead cranes, we mostly deal with designing electro, control and software equipment for bulk cargo quay cranes and transport to depots.

• Complex overhead cranes with technological functions.
• Design of electro equipment, software, and a complete commissioning for quay cranes with bulk cargo grabs (up to 2000 tonnes per hour).
• Design of electro equipment, software, and a complete commissioning for bulk cargo transport systems.

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CLEVER (ControlLEd VERtical farming)

CLEVER provides a complete automated solution for growing plants in a limited space.  Closed system with controlled cultivation environment (light, temperature, humidity) allow for year-aroud growth anywhere on the planet. Efficient LED lights and aeroponic based nutrition are used to optimise growth, reduce energy and water consumption.


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