The Markovci dam is the entry barrier for the HE Formin canal. The dam barrier consists of left and right bank pillars and 5 intermediate pillars and six 20,00 m wide spillways, which are equipped with segmental sluice gates with flap gates. Of these columns, columns 1, 3 and 5 are the powered columns, in which the drives for hydromechanical equipment with power and control equipment is installed.

Investor: DEM d.o.o., Maribor, Slovenija

Main contracter: Metalna Senovo d.o.o.

Subcontractor: Iskra Impuls d.o.o., Slovenija

Supervisor: DEM d.o.o.

Field of work: Hydromechanical equipment

Year of production: 2022

Scope of performed works:

  • Dismantling of hydraulic power unit,
  • dismantling of hydraulic cylinders
  • assembly of hydraulic power unit,
  • installation of hydraulic cylinders.