The company was founded in 1991 by a group of eager engineers, who were previously working under the Iskra company of Kranj. The turbulent conditions on the local market in 1991 did not offer enough opportunities for such a large group, so it shrunk down to only one majority owner remaining. The ownership passed to the second generation, and after the year 2000, we expanded to other areas of expertise.

We were primarily focused to planning and providing electrical equipment for overhead cranes, but we quickly expanded with automatization programs for those same cranes. After merging with AMHS’s professionals, we started to manufacture complete automated storage retrieval machines (SRM)  for high-bay warehouses. We completed our first machine of this sort for Daimler Chrysler in Duesseldorf in 2002. Nowadays, we provide full engineering (mechanic and electronic) for such type of machines, including manufacturing, mounting, automation software, and commissioning.

We applied our knowledge acquired with crane automatization in other areas. Nowadays, we employ a team of software engineers to automatize various machinery and process automatization.

The load capacity and the mechanical complexity of our projects started to grow. Since 2011 our business also includes heavy-duty cranes, mostly ship loaders, and ship unloaders for bulk cargo.
Solutions for those machines were developed in close contact with Siemens and and in 2013, we became a Siemens Solution Partner for cranes.

A smaller team of hydro-mechanical equipment joined us in 2009 and helped us expand our scope of activities.

While expanding the activities into different fields, the company has also grown in connected with other companies, both in terms of work and ownership.