At the time the Iskra Impuls company has been founded, our primarily focus was on planning and providing electrical equipment for overhead cranes. Although we have later developed other areas of expertise, crane have always been an important part of our business.

In cranes, we have oriented in two directions:
• Complex overhead bridge cranes with specific technological functions, in most cases also fully automated and integrated in the production process
• Grab ship unloader cranes for bulk cargo, where we can cover design of electro equipment, software, and a complete commissioning

Siemens Solution Partner for Cranes certificate enables us to be familiar with the most recent technology for cranes.

We have expanded the bulk handling knowledge also to the ground conveying and today we can also cover:
• Design of electro equipment, software, and complete commissioning for bulk cargo transport systems do depots.


Fully automated bridge cranes are used in production lines to handle long, heavy or very large loads. The loads can be lifted, translated and additional tools for rotating, coupling/decoupling are installed, depending on the application.

AOBC 1200 kg × 8 m
Automated bridge crane for car bodies
Load: 1200 kg
Height: 8 m

AOBC-KK 10000 kg × 11 m
Automated bridge crane for maniputaion of moulds in production line of porobeton. The crane has special tool for rotation and manipulation with the mould.
Load: 10000 kg
Height: 11 m


Overhead bridge cranes can also be used in intralogistic applications for
• high bay storage for long materials
• high bay warehouses with multiple aisles

You can see more examples on page  LOGISTIC SYSTEMS

AOBC 6000kg × 10,5m
Automated bridge crane for long materials
Box: 600 mm × 550 mm × 7000 mm
Load: 6000 kg
Height: 10,5 m

AOBC 350 kg × 11 m
Automated bridge crane with single deep telescopic forks
(multi aisle system)
Load: 350 kg
Height: 11 m


For grab type ship unloader cranes we can offer:
• basic engineerig of electrical and control equipment,
• detailed engineering of electrical and control equipment,
• PLC level software and
• commissioning.

The design od electric and control systems is done hand in hand with the mechanical design by company Nokran.

GSU 32t × ( 28 × 15 m) -1500 t /h

GSU 12t × ( 22 × 10 m) -350 t /h