Bottom outlet building is located on the southwestern edge of the Rama dam. The level of the building in which the drive of the wheel gate and the control unit is installed is at an elevation  of 509.54 m.a.s.l. Hydraulic power unit with piping and servo motor are installed in the building. The operating pressure in the hydraulic system is 125 bar. The servomotor is rigidly connected with a wheel gate with dimensions of 4,320×3,300 mm. Mass of the gate is 19,600 kg. The threshold of the gate is at elevation 500.89 m.a.s.l. Hydrostatic pressure on the gate under normal operating conditions is 9.3 bar (94.6 m.v.s.) and 9.5 bar (96.4 m.v.s.) at the maximum permitted accumulation elevation. The gate is built into a steel lining – reinforcement with guides. The lining is connected to a pipeline with a diameter of 4900 mm.

The bottom outlet gate serves as:

  • The main closing element in case of emergency emptying of the accumulation;
  • Regulating gate for controlled maintenance of water in the reservoir.

Investor: JP Elektroprivreda Hrvatske Zajednice Herceg Bosne d.d. Mostar, BiH

Main Contractor: TELEM and Iskra Impuls

Contractor: Iskra Impuls d.o.o., Slovenija

Supervisor: JP Elektroprivreda Hrvatske Zajednice Herceg Bosne d.d.

Field of work: Hydromechanical equipment

Year of production: 2022

Scope of performed works:

  • production of documentation with strength, static and dynamic analysis of the equipment,
  • dismantling of existing equipment,
  • refurbishment of existing equipment and production of new equipment,
  • installation of equipment,
  • testing and commissioning.