Trimo’s final products are facade panels up to 14m in length. They are stored on proprietary steel palettes. To store these transport units with dimensions 14.500 x 1.480 x 1.570 mm and weight up to 5.000 kg a special system of vehicles, transporters, and cranes was developed. The material enters the bay warehouse with an 800-unit capacity via four transport vehicles and exits it by way of eight transporters arranged in two levels. Two 25 m tall cranes are in charge of moving the units throughout the warehouse. In 2005 we participated in the construction of the system as designers of the electronic equipment and software developers for PLC and MFC. In the years 2022-2023 however, we have manufactured a new automated crane, which substitutes one of the old ones (the other old crane is still operational).

Customer: Trimo Trebnje

Field of work: Logistic systems

Year: 2023

Long cargo crane

  • Design, manufacturing, assembly
  • SW for PLC and MFC
  • Commissioning