In August 2023, within just two weeks, we replaced the old Siemens controller and I/O cards from the S5 series with a more advanced controller from the 1500 series. Additionally, we upgraded the I/O signal acquisition using equipment from the ET200SP series. The control panel was replaced, and we rationalized and ergonomically rearranged the control-signal equipment on it. To monitor machine operation, input recipes, device parameterization, and diagnostics, we installed a 12” operator panel. By upgrading communication equipment and cables, we completely replaced Profibus communication with a more modern Profinet communication system. The software was entirely redesigned based on observations of the existing machine’s operation. 


Customer: XELLA porobeton SI, d.o.o.

Field of work: Cranes and bulk cargo handling

Year: 2023


  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Installation
  • PLC level software
  • commissioning for automatic overhead bridge crane