The equipment is installed on the left bank of the Markovci dam. A steel structure is attached to the dam, which at the same time represents the niche for the gate and the barrier of the Rogoznica stream. The power plant installed on the  gate has two aggregates, with pre-turbine butterfly valves, in front of the gate trash rack is installed with a cleaning machine and measurements for water level and clogging of the racks, as well as a chute for transporting debris. In emergency cases, gate with all equipment can be pulled out of the niche with installed lifting winch.

Investor: DEM d.o.o., Maribor, Slovenija

Main Contractor: HSE Invest d.o.o.

Subcontractor: Iskra Impuls d.o.o., Slovenija

Supervisor: DEM d.o.o.

Field of work: Hydromechanical equipment

Year of production: 2020

Scope of performed works: Design, delivery and installation of hydromechanical equipment