Ouldjet Mellegue Dam is a bulk gravity dam located in the eponymous valley in the Djebel Krorza Mountains in Algiers. With its maximum height of 51.5 m, it creates a retention lake of 155 million m3 at a nominal water level of 575.50 m above sea level. Maximal flow rate is up to 178 m3/s.

Investor: Alerian Agency for Dams and Water distribution (Agence National des Barrages et Transferts ANBT)

Main Contractor: Cosider Travaux Publics – Civil works company

Subcontractor: Ingra Co. Zagreb, Hrvaška

Supervisor: BET CTH-Algeria/ENB-Greece

Field of work: Hydromechanical equipment

Year of production: 2018

Scope of performed works: Design, production, delivery, installation and testing & commissioning of hydromechanical equipment.

Installed hydromechanical equipment:

  • Equipment in intake tower
  • Penstocks
  • Bottom outlet equipment