Within one of the major paper factories in Slovenia, a combined heat and power plant has been finalised in autumn 2020.

Customer: Paper factory near Ljubljana, Slovenia

Partner: GP sistemi, ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ Termoenergetska Postrojenja

Field of work: Proces Automatization & Energetics

Year of production: 2020

Scope of performed works: Engineering of electric and control systems for the heat and power plant, equipment installation and commissioning, design and commissioning of control software (DCS)

The main contractors were GP sistemi and Đuro Đakovič. Iskra Impuls has designed the complete electric, instrumentation and control systems. The installation, software and commissioning of control system was also in our scope. The combustion chamber with the fludised bubbling bed technology is used as the heat source for steam generation. The generated steam (4200C, 65bar) is used by the turbine / generator system for electric power generation. The low-pressure steam is used in the factory production lines.

The continuous regulation system is realised using Siemens PSC7 DCS system. System is designed to regulate the inflow of the wood biomass, inflow of sand for fluidised bed, flow of fresh air and recirculation gases, fluegas flow, combustion process in fluidised bubbling bed, ash removal system and water – steam cycle