Stacker crane for VW Curitiba, Brasil, 2015
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Project covers one double column stacker crane with two single depth telescopic forks.

This project includes a double column stacker crane, with single depth telescopic forks. Forks can stretch out 2130 mm. The crane has to drive units, so it can accelerate at 1m/s2. Driving speed of crane is 120m/min (2m/s). The crane operates on the line where car body and chassis come together, and it is designed to store marriage pedestals for VW FOX. Height of the crane is 7,37m. Lowest hoist height is 740 mm. Crane drives on rail type A65.

Technical data:
Height: 7,37 m
Load capacity: 1200kg

Partners: SIEMENS AG – A&D Stuttgart

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