ETV, Al Maktoum International (DWC), Dubai, UAE, 2014
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For new Dubai airport (DWC) we delivered two double column cranes, designed to store air cargo.

We have delivered two double column cranes (Elevaiting transfer vehicles – ETV) for new Dubai airport Al Maktoum International (DWC), designed to store air cargo. Biggest load that ETV can carry is 6,1m (20ft.) long container, with maximum weight of 14.000kg. The cranes operate in common corridor, 100m in legth. They drive on single rail, type MRS87A. Upper guidance is with with IPE profile. Crane can reach 4 levels high, height of a crane is 15,745m. Driving speed of crane in 120m/min (2m/s), hoisting speed is 30m/min (0,5m/s).
Speciality: Crane has two drive units, which means it can drive even in case of failure of one of both units. Crane has 4 hoisting units, two on every side (column), which means it can lift even in case of failure of one hoisting unit on each side.

Technical data:
Height: 15,745 m (4 levels)
Load capacity: Container length 6,1 m (20ft.), up to 14.000 kg
Driving speed: 120 m/min (2 m/s)
Hoisting speed: 30 m/min (0,5 m/s)

Partners: ALS Logistic Solutions


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