Stacker crane BBA, Shenyang, China, 2013
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Project covers one double column stacker crane with two single depth telescopis forks.

Project includes one double column stacker crane with single depth telescopic forks. Forks can eject to 2100mm. The stacker crane has two drive units, so acceleration of stacker crane is 1mm/s2. Driving speed of crane is 180m/min (3m/s). Crane serves on the line on which the chassis and body of BMW series 3 and X1 are merged. Crane height is 8m, lowest hoist height is 850mm. It drives on rail S41.
In 2015 we raised load capacity from 1500kg to 2000kg. For this modification we had to replace hoisting unit.

Technical data:
Height: 8 m
Load capacity: 2000 kg
Driving speed: 180 m/min (3m/s)
Forks: Two single depth, max. eject 2100 mm

Partners: SIEMENS AG – A&D Stuttgart


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