Automation of jib crane in Port of Accra, Ghana, 2004
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Electrification of reconstructed jib crane with load capacity of 45 t.

A multipurpose ship to shore rail mounted jib crane is designed for loading and unloading ships. Its load capacity is 45 t, rail span equals 40 m. In order to achieve precise positioning of load and continuous operation of crane without thrusts, all motor drives are frequency regulated.

Crane can be manipulated either over switchboard or over control system, which is installed on a computer located in the control room on the crane. Control system allows monitoring of position, velocity and weight of the current load.

Following special wishes of the customer, we have added an extra function to the control system. This function enables statistics of the unloaded or uploaded cargo. It shows data about the total weight of unloaded cargo in a certain time period or total weight of cargo unloaded by a certain crane operator.

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