Xella, Zagorje, Slovenija 2002 in Tuzla, Bosna in Hercegovina, 2008
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Electrification of several fully automated bridge cranes in production of porous concrete.

A fully automated bridge crane performs the following operation in the production process of porous concrete building blocks:

  • mould is transported by the crane to the gate of oil chamber,
  • mould is oiled and transferred below a chute with concrete, concrete is poured in the mould,
  • mould is taken to an empty coagulation chamber,
  • two hours later mould is lifted by the crane from the coagulation chamber and transported to a cutting table,
  • the concrete cake leaves the cutting table together with the bottom of the mould,
  • after attaching a new bottom to the mould, the mould is brought by the crane to the gate of the oil chamber.

Press here for a 50 sec presentation. Windows Media Player can be downloaded here.

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