Hydromechanical equipment

Hydroelectric power plant Sveta Petka, Macedonia, 2011
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Design, assembly, erection, and automation of hydromechanical equipment in hydroelectric power plant Sv. Petka.

The hydroelectric power plant Sv. Petka, which exploits the hydroelectric potential of river Treska close to Skopje, has been one of the largest energetic investments in the region of former Yugoslavia in the last few years. A 64 m high concrete arch dam is the first dam of this kind, which has been built in the wider region for the last 25 years. The power plant Sveta Petka produces 36 MW of electrical power.

Iskra Impuls has designed, manufactured and erected the hydromechanic equipment. It has also provided for installation of turbines and cranes, which have been supplied by Litostroj.

The following hydromechanical equipment was installed: intake structure with trashracks, intake emergency roller gates 2,6 x 3,8 m with hydraulic drive and guides over the dam, aeration pipe fi 1100, steel linings, and penstocks dia. 3.320 mm, compensation yoints fi 3.320 mm and auxiliary slide gates on draft tube with lifting beam for handling.

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