Briquettes drying plant, Gorenje Indop, Izoteh, several projects in Russia, 2005-2009
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In cooperation with Goreneje Indop warehouses with stacker cranes and input and output transport has been delivered.

Four drying plants have been installed in years 2005 -2009 ( Rjazan, Zainsk, Yurga, Cherkassy).

In stone wool production process a part of waste material is grounded and put into a form of a briquette. These briquettes need to be dried before they are used again and this process takes place in a high racks warehouse. Two stacker cranes operating in the warehouse take over the palettes with briquettes, store them for a chosen time (drying time) and then retrieve them to the output transport system.

Iskra Impuls has completed the electrical equipment (design, installation), software (PLC and SCADA) and commissioning.

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