Automatic warehouse of Hemofarm, Obninsk, Russia, 2008
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Fully automated high racks warehouse for storing pharmaceutical end products and raw materials.

For pharmaceutical company Hemofarm from Vršač, which is a part of STADA group, Iskra Impuls and Gorenje Indop have cooperated to set up an automated storage and retrieval system (2006-2008). Two curve stacker cranes operate in the warehouse in 4 aisles. Mechanical design was performed by Gorenje Indop, Iskra IMPULS completed the electrical projects, software on PLC and MFC, commissioning, connection to SAP and validation (IQ, OQ, PQ).

Technical details: motors and frequency regulators from company SEW are used, control is performed by Siemens S7-315, Siemens mobile panel is used for hand control, Ethernet communication between the cranes and the transport system is utilized. The MFC program is based on MS Visual Studio.

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