Distribution center of furniture, Alples, Železniki, Slovenia, 2008
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Fully automated high racks warehouse with commissioning on the crane.

A Slovenian furniture producer Alples Železniki has built a new distribution centre for final products in 2008. Palettes coming from the production contain many pieces of a single article, while palettes leaving the warehouse contain different items. A special feature of the crane is that commissioning of the output palette is performed on the crane by two workers. The presence of workers on the crane requires additional safety systems. The palette is transported from the crane onto the storing place by a battery operated shuttle cart. Two cranes operate within 6 aisles, each can change aisle through the system of switches.

Mechanical design was done by Gorenje Indop, warehouse management system by APS, Iskra IMPULS completed the electrical projects, software on PLC and MFC and commissioning.

Technical details: Siemens Simotion D425 is used for crane control in combination with S120 smart line module and motor modules. Collision between the cranes is prevented by a constant communication between the cranes, magnet switches for coding of aisle, and a signal within the power rail system. For the safety of workers, laser scanners are mounted on the lifting carriage and buttons for two-hand controls are installed.

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