High racks automated warehouse for storing steel coils, VRS3, Trimo Trebnje, Slovenia, 2007
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Fully automated high racks warehouse for storing steel coils.

In August 2007 a system for automatic storage and retrieval of steel coils weighting up to 10t was finished in Trimo Trebnje. The rail of a curve stacker crane is U shaped, what enables the crane to reach palette places in two corridors. Both, the palette places and the forks of the crane are specially designed for the weight of 10t. Input of coils as well as their transportation to the production line is performed by a special transport car, which is made from 3 parts. The car operates in open space, where transportation paths of other vehicles are also present. Therefore, an inductive power supply is used for the car (Vahle). Optical scanners (Sick) are placed on the car to avoid collisions.

Mechanical design was done by Gorenje Indop, warehouse management system by APS, Iskra IMPULS completed the electrical projects, software on PLC and MFC and commissioning.

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