High racks automated warehouse for storing end products, VRS2, Trimo Trebnje, Slovenia, 2006
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Fully automated high racks warehouse for storing 14 m long palettes.

In September 2006 commissioning of system for storing final products, i.e. panels, in Trimo Trebnje was finished. The panels of different length are placed on a system palette which is 14m long. At the end of production line, transporters are used to load the panels on a palette, which is placed on a long transport car. The car takes the palette to the warehouse, where it is lifted. The crane pulls it onto the lifting carriage. Two stacker cranes with span of 14m and height of 19m are operating in the warehouse. Retrieval of the product expedition is done by roller transporters. The crane puts the palette on the transporter. At the exit of the warehouse only the required panels are removed from the palette by a forklift. The palette with the remaining material is stored again. If the palette is empty, it is send back to the production line.

Mechanical design was done by Gorenje Indop, warehouse management system by APS, Iskra IMPULS completed the electrical projects, software on PLC and MFC and commissioning.

Technical details: Due to the span of 14 m, the crane has 2 travel and 2 hoist motors which need to be synchronised (electrical axis). Synchronisation between the production line and transporter on cart is also necessary.

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