Distribution center of Kovinoplastika Lož, Unec, Slovenia, 2004
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Automation of high racks warehouse with automated storage and retrieval system .

A high racks warehouse is equipped with a stacker crane and a transportation system. It transports stored goods from the warehouse to the truck upload area.

At the entrance of the warehouse systems reads the bar codes of goods and measures their weight and size. Each product is taken to its storing position in the warehouse by a stacker crane. The sequence of operations needed to accomplish the task is provided by the warehouse management system (WMS).

In order to load the customer’s truck at the truck upload area with desired products, company’s operation system (SAP) transfers the working order to the WMS. The location of desired products in the warehouse is then determined and goods are brought by the stacker crane to exit of the warehouse. As the goods are brought to this area, they are placed on palettes and loaded onto the customer’s truck.

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